Friday, February 26, 2010

Marla Taviano

Normally I don't use my blog platform to sing-and-dance about other blogs, but there are two blogs that I must share with you.

The first is Marla is a dear, dear friend, and she happens to be an author who is doing amazing things in the name of Jesus. She has a huge heart for ministering to women, and in addition to writing books, she speaks to groups of women about topics such as marriage, sex, and self-esteem. I want to highlight her blog because she is constantly giving her readers opportunities to buy her books (for pennies) in an effort to donate books and money to incredible causes such as missions in Cambodia and pregnancy help centers. Please consider Marla next time you need a book for a new bride or mom-to-be. You will not be disappointed.

The second blog that I want to highlight is I can't do this site justice, so I simply encourage you to check it out. In short, Marla (yes, the same Marla as above) is sharing a novel that she wrote, and she is doing so one post at a time (she just launched this site TODAY). But you can purchase the entire novel for a few bucks, and again, some of the money will go toward missions.

Marla is one of those women who doesn't make any moves until she receives direction from the Spirit. As you follow along on her blogs, you will find an honest and sincere woman who is making an impact during her time on this earth.

Marla and her girls with Baby Harper in August, 2009

Enjoy the blogs. You will be blessed.