Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Handmade Invitations

A few months back, I had the privilege of making invitations for a dear friend's baby shower. The theme of the shower complimented her nursery, a theme that I would like to call, Classy Barnyard. Her nursery includes bedding, drapes, and decor featuring darling barnyard animals and fabrics in various colors of gingham. She doesn't know what she is having (a c-section is scheduled for early next week!) and her theme is perfect for a baby boy or baby girl.

For this project, I used red cardstock, yellow gingham paper, green gingham paper, red gingham ribbon, gluestick, tacky glue, scissors, and my cutting board.

Because I made 50 of these, I cut everything out ahead of time so that I could make an assembly line.
I cut 50 strips of ribbon that will later be tied into bows.

I cut out the red cardstock. This will be the bottom (or background) of the invitation.

I then cut out the green gingham paper. I cut this slightly smaller than the red so that when the green gingham is glued to the red cardstock, the red cardstock will border the green gingham.

I printed the invitation four times on the yellow gingham so that I could cut it four ways.

I then cut out the yellow gingham. Again, I cut the yellow gingham slightly smaller than the green gingham so that the green gingham borders the yellow gingham.

I lined up all the components of the invitation for the assembly line.

And then I found a little kid to help me bust through these.

We glued the yellow to the green and the green to the red.

He's one of those hardcore supervisor types.

But I will say, he's a gluestick pro.

He finally let me have a turn.

I then tied the ribbons into bows.

Simple and cute.

I cut the edges so that they're even.

And I used the tacky glue to tack on the bow.

And, voila!

A Classy Barnyard Baby Shower Invitation.

You could create this same effect with various colors/patterns/types of paper, etc.

Though cliche, the possibilities are endless (The little kid told me to type that. He's so bossy).


  1. I'm having a little trouble saying "Classy Barnyard" without choking. You should patent that.

    I am sooooooooooooooooo excited about this baby!!

  2. You are filled with soooo many creative and awesome ideas and talents!! When the time comes wanna help me with my shower invites?? ;)

  3. Valerie, Of course. Please keep me posted. Praying . . .

  4. Can I just say I love these invitations!! love love love them!!