Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Opa.

So my old man celebrated his birthday yesterday, and boy, was it un-special. He opened a modest gift from my mom, a cheesey package from my sister, and a couple of cards from family. My sister and I put our money together to treat him and my mom to a joint gift that they won't be able to cash-in until March. And the only thing extraordinary about last night's dinner menu was that the pasta sauce was homemade, not store-bought.

Yeah, a darn un-special celebration indeed (we didn't even serve a dessert, per his request).

But you know what, that's my dad's style. No frills. No fuss. And especially nothing showy. He is one of the most simple and humble guys I know.

And because of that, my kids absolutely adore him. Because when they're around, it's all about them. My dad, who oversees an entire campus, puts everything aside - work, job, chores, projects, self - when his grandchildren are involved. It melts my heart.

I am so, so thankful for my dad (better known as Opa). I am so glad that frills, fuss, and showiness ain't his thing. And I'm so grateful to celebrate another year knowing him as Opa, the title that means the most to him. And I know that not because he said it, but because he shows it.

Happy Birthday, Opa. We love, love, love you.


  1. Happy Birthday, Opa-Dad! That's awesome!

    My dad is like that too. No frills, no fuss, such a giver/sacrificer, especially for his family. So thankful that he and Mom came yesterday to Bug Land and took care of us.

    Thanks for making such beautiful daughters, Mr. Opa!

  2. Marla - Does this mean that you are well enough to be checking blogs, etc.? Oh, I hope so!!!

    I honestly don't know what my Dad would do if we had to take Henry to the ER. I know he'd rush home from Wooster (where he works), but he'd probably have a few choice words with God first. My dad doesn't handle "watching his kids suffer" very well. When my sister was a baby and needed a spinal tap, he punched the hospital wall.

  3. I've never met him in person but I feel like I know the man. He is indeed very special to you all and I hope that he had a wonderful day! Zum Geburtstag viel gluck, Herr Nameth!

  4. Alyssa, I love that you sent him a German greeting. You speak directly to his heart and soul.

    Miss you, miss you, miss you.

  5. What a heart warming post. family means so much

  6. That is one of the sweetest posts I've ever read. I don't even know you and my eyes have welled up with tears. You are blessed! And your kids are cute too! What a deal!