Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Opa.

So my old man celebrated his birthday yesterday, and boy, was it un-special. He opened a modest gift from my mom, a cheesey package from my sister, and a couple of cards from family. My sister and I put our money together to treat him and my mom to a joint gift that they won't be able to cash-in until March. And the only thing extraordinary about last night's dinner menu was that the pasta sauce was homemade, not store-bought.

Yeah, a darn un-special celebration indeed (we didn't even serve a dessert, per his request).

But you know what, that's my dad's style. No frills. No fuss. And especially nothing showy. He is one of the most simple and humble guys I know.

And because of that, my kids absolutely adore him. Because when they're around, it's all about them. My dad, who oversees an entire campus, puts everything aside - work, job, chores, projects, self - when his grandchildren are involved. It melts my heart.

I am so, so thankful for my dad (better known as Opa). I am so glad that frills, fuss, and showiness ain't his thing. And I'm so grateful to celebrate another year knowing him as Opa, the title that means the most to him. And I know that not because he said it, but because he shows it.

Happy Birthday, Opa. We love, love, love you.


  1. He's the BEST! Love you DAD!

  2. Happy Birthday, Opa-Dad! That's awesome!

    My dad is like that too. No frills, no fuss, such a giver/sacrificer, especially for his family. So thankful that he and Mom came yesterday to Bug Land and took care of us.

    Thanks for making such beautiful daughters, Mr. Opa!

  3. Marla - Does this mean that you are well enough to be checking blogs, etc.? Oh, I hope so!!!

    I honestly don't know what my Dad would do if we had to take Henry to the ER. I know he'd rush home from Wooster (where he works), but he'd probably have a few choice words with God first. My dad doesn't handle "watching his kids suffer" very well. When my sister was a baby and needed a spinal tap, he punched the hospital wall.

  4. I've never met him in person but I feel like I know the man. He is indeed very special to you all and I hope that he had a wonderful day! Zum Geburtstag viel gluck, Herr Nameth!

  5. Alyssa, I love that you sent him a German greeting. You speak directly to his heart and soul.

    Miss you, miss you, miss you.

  6. What a heart warming post. family means so much

  7. That is one of the sweetest posts I've ever read. I don't even know you and my eyes have welled up with tears. You are blessed! And your kids are cute too! What a deal!