Friday, January 22, 2010

B is for Bible.

Henry LOVES books.
I was worried there for a bit because we weren't reading to him as much as I thought we would/should/could. As a new mom, people were constantly telling me to read to my baby as much as possible. Read, read, read. Well, life happened and we just didn't read to our baby Henry very often.

I surely thought I was raising a child who would hate books and learning and his mother and well, Satan had me convinced that I was royally failing my baby.

But it didn't matter (Satan always loses). One day Henry picked up a book (though we didn't read to him much, we made sure to have plenty of books available . . . you know, osmosis), opened it up, and the rest is history. Now my growing boy absolutely loves books.

And when I walked into his room and found him reading THE BIBLE, well, my heart leaped straight out of my shirt and smothered him with crazy love.

That's right, folks. My son, a Biblical scholar. Who loves books. And learning.

And his mother, I think. The little stinker still hasn't said, "Mama."

But I won't let Satan win that battle either.

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  1. Isn't God amazing how he makes these little ones? How much more we understand his love now that we have children of our own?!?