Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Animal Silhouettes

My favorite room in our house is my son's. Matt and I poured our hearts into creating a room that could pass as a nursery and a playroom. Now that my son is almost two years old, I'm so thankful that we made "play" a priority. We spend hours in his room, and I love every minute of it.

One of the decor elements that we created were canvas animal silhouettes that we hung along the wall. I love these, and so does my son. He wakes up many mornings pointing to them. He will point to one, I say "goose," and then he goes down the line, pointing to each, waiting for me to name the animals. The pointing always ends with the Big Buck. Not a silhouette, but definitely his favorite animal in the room.

Doe, Squirrel, Bear, Moose, and Goose.

I can't take credit for those darling bear paw hooks. Gotta love Target.

There wasn't enough room for the bunny, so we put him on a different wall.

Oh, and that clock! I love that clock. Once again, thanks Target.

That's the big buck.

The view from Henry's train table. Excuse me. The view from his "choo-choo."

The moose is my favorite.

And here is how we made them:
  • I bought blank canvases from the craft store. I think they are each 9" x 11".
  • We painted each one (we mixed a shade of green that complimented his room).
  • I used Google Images to find silhouettes of each animal. I Googled terms such as "moose silhouette" and searched for images that best captured a silhouette.
  • I enlarged each picture (silhouette) to 8" x 10" and printed them.
  • I cut out the silhouettes and traced them (with pencil) on the painted canvases (once the canvases were dry).
  • With brown paint, we filled in the trace marks.
And that's it! So simple. And so perfect for our son's room.


  1. Ok, seriously, care to share some of that creativity...I mean, cake pops, H & H silhouettes and the millions of other things you do!

    I love how creative you are - amongst other things!

  2. Denise - I can't take credit for any of those ideas! I found the cake pops and H&H silhouettes via blogs, and I got the idea for animal silhouettes from a magazine!

  3. All of a sudden, I feel the need for life-size canvasses of zoo animal silhouettes. :)