Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time stands still when he gets the big buck.

And by he, I mean my husband.

He got the big one yesterday.

So today is all about the buck. There is bag full of bloody meat in my fridge and a cooler loaded with bloody deer parts on my back porch.

My husband plans on making a bloody mess tonight, processing and packaging the meat for the deep freezer.

Until then, I'm thanking God that I have my bloody husband back while I pray for bloody patience since my house is full of bloody dead deer meat.


  1. That's a beauty! Can't wait to show Gabe! Congratulations, Matt!!

    Does he really do all the processing himself??

  2. Awesome! What a buck! My hubby would be so jealous, he hasn't been able to go the last couple years & this year he couldn't take the time off work, poor guy. I told him to go out in our field in the morning/early evening because sometimes deer cross our property, but he wouldn't try. I just love venison & deer jerky, lucky you!!

  3. Marla - Matt will have it processed professionally. He and a few other guys will split the cost and the meat.
    The processing Matt does at home is simply breaking it into filets, steaks, etc.

    Ali - You like venison? I'm not a big fan. Maybe I'll acquire a taste.

  4. Hey lady, both are men got "lucky" this year...at least with the bucks xoxo

  5. Hilarious! Glad it's you and not me, although all that meat in the freezer would be nice!

  6. Allecia - If only I could acquire a taste for it.

    Jackie - Our boys got double lucky this year - bucks and babies!