Tuesday, December 22, 2009

These three trees . . .

. . . make Christmas time with a toddler so flippin’ awesome. Everyday my toddlin' boy goes up to each tree and stares and points and excitedly says, okay, I don’t know what he is saying, but boy is he excited.

Normally I’m a classy-white-lights kind of gal, but not with a toddler. Now I want to cover our home with layers and layers of bold, bright, and colorful LED lights. You know the kind that glow so intensely that you can see them miles before you actually see them? Bring it on, Clark Griswold.

LED lights aren’t cheap, so for now we only have two strands out back, but one day I hope to be swimming in them.

And in case you are wondering if we are one of those families who has a tree in every nook and cranny, we are. But not on purpose. You see, our humble condo is, well, cozy. So a few decorations go a long way.

In the case of these three trees . . .

This tree came with the marriage. When I married my man, I married his seven-foot slim jim of a tree. Score! It stands tall in our entryway/living room.

This three-foot tree was purchased last year after Christmas for 80% off. Score! It resides in our dining room. It's our Jesse Tree. We started this tradition last year, and we look forward to the day when our children can appreciate this celebration of Advent.

Finally, this little guy is our hand-me-down tree from my parents. In fact, they gave us the entire display. They've moved onto classier and more grown-up decor, leaving us with the fun stuff. Score! We set it up on our back porch.

Not shown: Our beast of a tree that was given to us by my mom's friend who has also moved on to bigger and better trees. But seriously, the tree she gave us is stored in three humongous plastic bins. The bins alone take up a good chunk of our basement. I don't know when we'll be able to display this tree, but I'm hoping that some day we'll have the space.

Also not shown: The tree that I brought to the marriage. It proudly stands 15 inches tall, and it resides in our bathroom. Because Christmas is all about humility. And what's more humble than a festive tree next to the commode?

What about you? Trees in every room? Just one and that's enough? Still haven't cut it down? I'd love to hear about your Christmas tree traditions.

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  1. LOVE them all! We have a real tree that's one inch shorter than our ceiling. And a 3-footer with little ornaments on it. We did have a little 6-incher but gave it away a few days ago. Oh! And Nina has a 40-cent 6-incher from the friff store.