Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Forever Profiled

For Christmas, we gave both sets of parents framed art. Actually, I created a silhouette of each child, matted it, and framed it. This is an easy project that simply requires a bit of patience. Do not be intimidated! Seriously, this is e-a-s-y. Yet the results are classic and timeless.

What you will need: A profile picture of your subject, printer paper (and printer), scissors, pencil, black cardstock, tape, mounting squares or double-sided tape, and thick stock white paper.

Begin with a blown-up picture of your subject. I took profile pictures of each child and zoomed in on just the face and shoulders. I blew the picture up to 8x10 and printed them on printer paper. My color printer was acting up giving these pictures a pink tint. But the color doesn't matter. You could just as easily print in black-and-white.

Carefully cut out each profile. This is the hardest part because your cuts must be precise. Work slowly. Once cut, place on black cardstock.

I used tape to keep the profile on the black paper. Trace the profile onto the black paper.

Once you have your markings, cut it out. Again, work slowly. This requires patience and an attention to detail.

Keep in mind that you'll flip the profile for the final product. You don't want to frame the side with the pencil marks.

To mount the profile I used mounting squares (found at the craft store). You can also use double-sided tape. Do not use glue or glue stick. Glue tends to bubble and curl.

After you position the tape, stick your profile on your white thick-stock paper. I found this paper in the paint/art section of the craft store.

And you're done! I chose round frames for Matt's parents. The round frames compliment their early century decor.

My parents' home is more contemporary. I used classic rectangular frames. Their set hangs in their hallway.

Isn't that so classy? I love, love, love it.

*It's up to you, but I included the top of the shoulders with each profile. I simply cut in a curved line to get that classic bust silhouette.


  1. What a great idea!!! I had my littles painted hand and footprints on a blank canvas and then let my 3yo finger paint on it. Turned out pretty cute, I think I'll do one for my house now!

  2. you are so creative!....your ideas are endless!

  3. Donielle - great idea! That would be so cute in my parents' office that is now a playroom.
    Jackie - how is the blog coming along?

  4. Um, totally planning to hire you to silhouette my children for next Christmas. ;)

  5. Marla, I've seen your craftiwork - you could totally do this.

  6. Linking my blog site to yours. My parents' have 11 grandkids though so i am not sure about doing all of them!

  7. Don't you want to do your cousins? Or help? I tried to bring Ella to the one that did this at the mall for pretty cheap, but she had the flu that day.

  8. Lisa, you can do it! I think Gigi and cici would enjoy them.