Monday, December 21, 2009

Easy Peasy

Seriously, my surgery was way easy. I walked into the O.R. at 8:45am. I then shimmied my booty onto the operating table while chatting with the oldest nurse in history (she was ancient), and by 8:50am I was dreaming about the magical mystery tour.

I think I looked at the clock in recovery around 9:45am, and I was WALKING into my house at 11:15am.

I am so thankful that it went well (thank you for your prayers), and four days later I feel like I could easily be jogging on my treadmill (purchased last week off of Craigslist!) But my doc wants me to wait until my stitches come out (something about busting my incision back open).

Until then I'll be chasing after my kiddos trying to burn off a ridiculous number of holiday calories. Okay, fine, I'll be honest; I'm not really trying to burn off anything. So there.