Monday, December 28, 2009

A 40th and a 1st

These pictures were taken at Matt's sister's wedding last year, December 27th.

When I see these pictures, three things come to mind:
  1. Henry's outfit was too precious for words. Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore that get-up.
  2. I was pregnant with Harper, still in my first trimester. I miss being pregnant. But the challenges of parenting two small children totally outweigh the pleasures of being pregnant. In other words, I won't be getting pregnant again anytime soon.
  3. I had horrendous baby bangs. Oh my, they were so awful.
Anyway, Kelley (Matt's sister) and Joe celebrated their first wedding anniversary yesterday, and I'm so stinkin' happy for them. If you know Kelley and you know Joe, then you know that they are the perfect match in every way.

And guess who else celebrates a December 27th wedding anniversary? Matt's parents! They were married 40 years ago, and they married in the same church where we were married and where Kelley and Joe were married. How cool is that?

Though a day late, Happy 40th, Becky and Roger. And Happy FIRST, Kelley and Joe. I love you all so much.


  1. Happy Anniversary to everyone!! That's awesome!!

  2. My parents celebrated their 40th yesterday too! Must have been a good day :)