Thursday, November 5, 2009

Non-Maternal Instincts

Nonmaternal Instinct

This is what it looks like . . .

. . . when you do late night grocery shopping and are too tired to put anything away so you leave it for the next day and then it's the next day and you wake to crying babies and you must drag yourself out of bed to feed them and then you decide to lug them to the library for enrichment (because it's much easier for the library to enrich them; I can't even put my groceries away let alone enrich my children) and as you are making good time and think you might even be on time to library enrichment the dog pukes up a sock and now you have to soak, scrub, and clean the carpet but only after you move the dining room table out of the way because the puking dog just had to puke underneath the table and next thing you know you are home from the library and your babies are crying again because it's lunchtime and they are hungry and you are responsible for feeding them lunch because you are the mom.

And that is what it looks like.

Don't judge.


  1. Not judging. Just don't come round my house and take photos, its bad enough there is one of me in my underware.

  2. Is that from the day you came to see me? Because you should add, "and I took a peanut butter pie to my friend." You are SUCH a good friend. And SUCH a good mom.

  3. You are doing just fine hun.... when the kids get bigger they're less likely to remember that the house was a bit messy if they got all the love and attention they needed from their mommy!! :)

    What is with the dog eating the socks?

  4. Thank you Ali! I'm not judging. I'm grateful cause I've been hanging my head in shame. Mine looks worse. xoxo

  5. I like Marla's response........ maybe this picture was the day she made Marla's pie and then made beautiful baby shower invitations for my shower.......... I would say this house is what "Super Mom" and "Super Friend's" house looks like. - Lo