Thursday, October 29, 2009

Non-Maternal Instincts

Nonmaternal Instinct

Dog Edition

Pray for him.

Since Henry's arrival over 18 months ago, this precious dog has become the culprit of one very serious crime.

Sock snatcher.

Sock devourer.

Sock eat-and-puke-upper.

And this once patient momma ain't gonna take it anymore.

I know, I know. He totally looks like the type of dog who cuddles up to your legs and nuzzles his head between your feet.

Yeah, he does that.

After he puked up his 96th sock.

So pray for him. His days are numbered.


  1. As someone who is Pet-Free by Choice AND the mother of a child whose sock has been eaten by the very dog pictured here, I ask you to BE MERCIFUL on his poor soul. He is clearly acting out after being demoted not once but twice in two years. You have a friend, J!

  2. but he's so cute and who would Ava snuggle when she comes over? Miss U

  3. And remember, Ali, the Lord tells us to forgive 70x7 so you have another 394 socks to go!!!! Love, AK