Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking up.

At only two months old, she is already looking up to her big brother.

They make my heart smile.


  1. I love how he pokes her belly and she giggles.

  2. so i just pulled this up and kaitlyn screamed, "HARPER!!!" then she noticed Henry and said, "Hi Hengy" (cause that's how she says his name). And right now she is yelling at me to "see Harper 'gain!" So...does is creep you out that my daughter stalks your children?!?!

  3. Oh My....they are so precious!! I still have their presents (I'm such a slacker...I put them away when cleaning and I found them again last week) we'll have to figure out a time to get together so I can meet the little darlings ;)

    I'm going to attempt commenting with the profile to our new site... but I'm still the same Val...haha!!