Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two years ago . . .

You said forever, I will, and cherish.

You made me smile from deep within my soul.

You made me feel beautiful, secure, and inspired.

But did you know that you would challenge me to be tender and patient?

Did you know that you would give my heart reason to stretch and expand beyond measure?

Did you know that we could inspire such beauty?

Two years ago, did you know that you would bless me with family, passion, delight, and humility?

Never would I have imagined how God was going to bless our marriage. Never.

I WILL forever cherish these blessings. And be grateful.


  1. Happy Anniversary, you darling couple, you!!
    Ali, you were (and are!) stunningly gorgeous!
    And is it just me, or do Henry and Harper look like the exact same person?

  2. Congratulations! May today be even better than your first!

  3. happy anniversary! love the kuntz's

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love your little family! And I agree with Marla, stunningly gorgeous!!!

  5. Wow, incredible piece! You made me cry:) Happy Anniversary!! Love you! You are an inspiration!