Wednesday, September 23, 2009


While in McConnlesville over the weekend, Henry's dream came true.

He became the proud driver of a BIG RIG SEMI TRUCK!

Seriously, what boy doesn't love trucks? And I mean BIG trucks?

Henry LOVES trucks. Loves them. And we are so blessed because Henry's Uncle Joe is a truck driver. Thus Henry gets to play with big trucks anytime he wants!

Seriously, does this kid look like he's having fun, or what?

Thanks, Uncle Joe! You are the coolest.


  1. Dillon would be so jealous.......we need to get them together now that Henry is getting older. Dillon has a toy truck collection like no other I've seen....... It's pathetic because we will read truck books and he will be like "Lo Lo what's that" and then yell at me when I get the type of truck wrong. He knows WAY more than I do about trucks!....... Love the pics! Lucky boy! ~Lo

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE these pictures! Henry looks like one cool dude sitting in that truck :)

  3. A boys dream come true! Love it!

  4. Sweet! Henry will you teach Eli about trucks?