Friday, September 18, 2009

The 21st Century Babysitter

Y'all are good. Indeed, Henry has been spending an embarrassing number of hours in front of the television since his baby sister arrived.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, Henry becomes entranced by the television's electronic glow, drawing him within inches of the screen.

I can hear my mother, "That's so bad for his eyes."

And I'm sure it is.

But we are talking survival, y'all. Survival! And right now, this 21st century babysitter is helping us get through the transition.

Fortunately, life with two kids is getting easier, and we are getting out of the house more. But I'm not making any promises. Winter is around the corner, and as the thermostat drops, I imagine my son will be transfixed and drooling once again.


  1. Don't you worry a bit little lady! I did the same thing as a child, and still stand that close to our bedroom tv in the morning while watching the news.......I turned out alright, I guess?.

    You are doing a GREAT job Ali! I can't wait to see what your two beautiful children bring to this world. Maybe Henry's love for television will lead him to be the next Spielburg or Tarantino or something?

  2. I have used the TV as a sitter myself. Nothing wrong with survival. Things will get easier as you get adjusted, hang in there! You are a good mommy!!