Monday, August 31, 2009

The gift of a sibling

When I imagine their future, I see him kidnapping her most coveted doll, holding it hostage until she shares her Halloween candy. I see her getting even by lacing his morning cereal with cayenne pepper when he's too busy watching cartoons.

I see them scheming against us. Covering up each other's lies so she can sneak out of the house or so he can skip his first period Spanish test.

I see him helping her navigate an overwhelming first day of high school, showing her a shortcut to her next class and demonstrating a surefire way to open her locker on the first try. I see her rolling her eyes at her gaggle of friends who insist that her brother is way cute.

And I see him protecting her, dishing out the my-dad-has-an-arsenal threats to any boy who makes her cry. And I see her proudly dropping his name as if to say, "Don't you know who my brother is?"

Though I can daydream, only God knows what their future, as brother and sister, will hold.

So I pray. And pray and pray. Because I want to see my children create memories and share experiences that will forever bless them as siblings.

It is such a gift that she will forever have a big brother and he will forever have a little sister.


  1. What a wonderfully precious post and what amazingly sweet children!! Congrats!!!

  2. Oh so true! Kaden is already FERVENTLY in love with his Marin...I think he told people for her first 6 months of life, "This is my new baby sister named Marin"...even the grandparents!

  3. I know first hand what a blessing it is to have a sibling :)

  4. What a couple of dolls. Dolls with cayenne pepper, but still dolls.

  5. coming from a pair of big brother, little sister siblings similar in age to your's nice to know that you're aware of what lies ahead. oddles of fun. :) I would encourage you, however, that "watching him chase her around the house to punish her for tattling on the doll-stealing by attempting to sit on her and squish her head" and "teaching her how to evade traffic laws" should be added to your list. love you.