Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby August Update

Today I had my 36wk appointment, and I will be back at the doc's each week for the remainder of my pregnancy.

Nothing significant to report; my body has not made any "progress." My doc thinks the baby could be breech, but we will find out for sure next week because I will have an ultrasound. This is nothing to be concerned about especially considering I already have a c-section scheduled.

Baby's heartbeat is 138 which convinces my mom that it's a boy even though doc assures me that is only a myth.

Oh, and I lost three pounds since last week which is also nothing to be concerned about considering how much I've gained in the previous 35 weeks.

But I like saying it, so I'll say it again. I lost three pounds in a week. Even though you'd think I gained twenty if you saw my feet right now.


  1. I miss you!! I cannot believe you're having your baby August 14!! Where has the time gone?!?

    If you want to have him August 1 at around 4pm-ish, I think that would be a FABULOUS addition to this book-thing I'm doing.

    Love you!

  2. Ali....time has certainly flown by. It seems like just yesterday you told me you were having a baby and now the time is here. Can't wait to meet the new addition:)

    Love, Jackie

  3. I saw you yesterday and you looked BEAUTIFUL! So glad things are on the right path. It makes me so excited to know that another little cutie like Henry is going to be in this world. I held him and danced with him yesterday at Vista and it made me SO happy! I love Hooper Babies! Hurry up August 14th and get here! ~Lo