Monday, June 8, 2009


That's right! As a couple of you guessed, we spent Memorial Day at the Splash Park at Ballentrae (often referred to as the Bunny Park. And yes, Denise, they are creepy!)

Memorial Day blessed us with beautiful sunshine, so we loaded up a picnic and threw on our water gear for some rip-roarin' fun. If you live in Northwest Columbus, you are familiar with this park that consists of a variety of fountains for your splashing enjoyment.

Henry wasn't too excited about the fountains at first.

But he is a small child, and small children and curiosity are best friends. He soon explored the fountains and discovered . . .

. . . the Splash Park is FUN!

I think we might have a new Memorial Day tradition.


  1. Very cool. My girls would LOVE that. We've never been (just to the ones at Easton).

  2. Parker hated them, we went with out life group and he was not into it. Of course, also, the fountains were full force, had the been small like in your pictures, I think he would have liked it more.