Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last weekend my husband's family came together for an unofficial reunion.

The last time the majority of the family was together was for our wedding in September, 2007.

My husband's parents hosted both our wedding reception and last weekend's reunion. They live on 400 acres in Southeastern Ohio, and the property is magnificent. It was the perfect location for this blessed reunion.

Here are a few highlights:

Four generations of Kelley's beginning with this amazing woman.

Laughter and conversation.

Fishing from the ponds.

Proudly catching really big fish!

Discovering life through a child's eyes.

Rompin' around nature's playground.

Games, games, and more games (the Kelley's love games!)

God-made and man-made beauty.

Perfect summer weather.

Getting away with things that Mommy would never allow at home.

One woman and six daughters.

And the lovely family that God has blessed them with.

It was such a special treat to be together sharing stories, food (this family can cook!), encouragement, laughter (if you know the Kelley sisters, you know what I'm talking about), memories, and hugs.

Thank you, Becky and Roger, for hosting us all.

Thank you, God, for this delightful family.

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  1. That's awesome, Ali! I'm so sorry I don't have the 52Zoos thing to you yet. Gabe was gone for 14 hours today, and he's not feeling well. When we get back??