Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Practically Green Vlog: The Hills Market & Local Eating

What you NEED to know about The Hills Market:

  • Locally-owned and committed to community
  • Staff is experienced and passionate about food, local eating, and community
  • Quality! Quality! Quality!
  • Yum.
What you NEED to know about Local Eating:
  • Benefits environment, society, economy, and agriculture
  • Look beyond geographic location - consider quality and production of food and its origins
  • Celebration of culture and community


  1. You are so cute. The Hills sounds fab!
    One question though. Did you just say LOCAVORE??
    I'm dying here. :)

  2. The Hills has some amazing Mexican dip and a GREAT wine collection for those of us who are junk food addicts but still want to support the local markets....... It helps that it is the only grocery within 15 minutes of my house too. And the Staff there is AMAZING and SO friendly! ~Lauren