Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aunt MoMo makes me smile.

My sister is beyond my best friend.

We have a relationship that I don't see often between sisters.

Though we are so completely different, we are so completely alike.

And as different and alike as we are, we always have a blast together.

So it's no wonder that my son has a blast when he's with his MoMo.

Life is simply better with MoMo!


  1. Aunt MoMo does look like a blast. Can I send my kids over to play with her too? :)


  2. I love MoMo!!
    You 2 are so beautiful.
    And we know how I feel about Henry.

  3. I agree, life is great with a MoMo!

  4. It's so awesome that you guys are so close! You're right, "beyond best friends" is a sweet description! Hope you realize how lucky you (both)are!

  5. probably the one of the top 5 posts ever! love you!