Monday, June 1, 2009

14 months

It's been 14 months since I became a mom.

That's 14 months of firsts that have made me proud.

14 months of growing love that I thought could grow no more.

14 months of calling my husband "daddy" instead of "honey."

14 months of fears and anxieties that only Jesus can handle.

14 months of mistakes that humble me to tears.

14 months of blessings that belong solely to God's glory.

14 wonderful and beautiful and precious months.


  1. Parenthood...the toughest job you'll ever love! :)

  2. Happy 14 months to you! (and M & H)
    Love your green shirt.

  3. Great post! Love it! And, have to tell you, you can love #2 just as much (I didn't think it would be possible)!

  4. best 14 months EVER!