Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Practically Green Vlog: "Save Your Energy for Me"

The Muppets know what they're talkin' 'bout.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Tie-Dye

Last week my friend Erin hosted a tie-dye party at her parents house.

Erin grew up on 18 acres in a small town just west of Columbus. The property is absolutely breathtaking.

It was a warm summer morning perfect for soaking t-shirts in bright-colored dye. The kids were in heaven exploring the property while the moms savored "grown-up" conversation and creative expression.

Thank you Erin and family for a fantastic time.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Let it begin!

It's official. Summer has begun.

And thanks to a hose, shaded backyard, and giant octopus, summer couldn't be anymore fun.
And that was only the first day!

*These photos were taken on the first day of summer, Sunday, June 21st.

Something tells me this chubby-thighed water boy is going to make this one of my best summers ever.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Non-Maternal Instincts

Originally posted in December, 2008

Nonmaternal Instinct

It only gets worse.

I didn't think that it was possible to toss my maternal instincts aside any farther, but apparently, I was wrong.

No, my son isn't becoming an absolute terror. Yes, he's nearly nine months old which means he's mobile and getting into everything, but surprisingly, I think it's cute (as long as he's not pulling my I-just-spent-an-hour-organizing-these-piles-of-bills-and-mail off of the coffee table. And why would I pile important papers in my son's reach on the coffee table? Because I'm the mom, and I can do whatever I want).

No, my son actually has nothing to do with the complete downward spiral of my sweet and cheery disposition (if only my husband posted comments to this blog; he would most definitely assure you that my disposition is most always sweet and cherry {cough-cough-ahem}).

So why am I going from, "ah, that's my sweet little boy," to, "#@%#*&# just leave me alone!" in 3-2-1? You haven't guessed yet? I'm pregnant.

Yes, it's the little dime-sized creature living deep inside my lady parts that is driving me to locking myself in the bathroom - for months.

As my most adorable growing baby boy hits milestone after milestone (Did he just sit himself up? Wowsers! Is that another tooth? Yowzers! Could that be "da-da?" Woot!), the mere bean of a being that is only going to make me fat (don't even get me started) wrecks havoc in my lower abdomen causing me to react quite unusually (Oh, great, he's sitting up? Better build a cage. Oh, dang-it, another tooth? I've had enough of this drool bucket! Oh, cute, "da-da"? Who birthed this child? And all I'm hearing is the name of the person who doesn't have the first clue what it's like to be nauseous and fat and bloated and BLAH!)

So just when I thought I'd turned a corner (Christmas is only days away! I should be full of good cheer and well wishes), I learn that my body is yet again being taken over for the sake of another so-called blessing. Bah-humbug.

Dear Lord who only asked one thing of Eve (DON'T EAT THE APPLE!),

I would really like to speak to her, if I may, "Girlfriend, what were you thinking? Because of your stupid fall-into-temptation, us uterus-bearing wo-men are stuck feeling like absolute crap! One stinkin' apple? Was it worth it? Was it the best-dang-tastin' apple you've ever bitten into? Because I'd kill to enjoy a bite of anything right now without having to make a run for the bathroom. Instead of enjoying the vibrant life cruisin' around my living room, I'm spending my days teaching him to hold back my hair as I hug onto oval-shaped porcelain. Thanks a lot."

But Lord, honestly, I am thankful to have another baby growing inside of me. I'm trying my darndest to remember to be grateful in all things. But would you forgive me if just this time I gave thanks only after I flush my lunch down the toilet, because it is in those few moments that I actually feel human again, at least until the next wave of I-think-I'm-gonna-blow hits.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When God calls . . .

. . . She answers.

My sister is returning to Cambodia today. This is her second trip; her first trip was in February.

Morgan is leading a team from our church to do missions work just outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They will be serving an orphanage and school in that area.

If you'd like to know more about what God is doing in that area, please visit Jen's blog. Jen is a long-term missionary who has been in Cambodia for nearly 10 months.

Please pray for Morgan and the team as they travel across the world. Please pray for the team as God works through them to serve the precious children of the orphanages.

Morgan, we will miss you dearly. We love you to pieces, and we LOVE that God is using you in this capacity. Thank you for following Him.

See you in 10 days!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last weekend my husband's family came together for an unofficial reunion.

The last time the majority of the family was together was for our wedding in September, 2007.

My husband's parents hosted both our wedding reception and last weekend's reunion. They live on 400 acres in Southeastern Ohio, and the property is magnificent. It was the perfect location for this blessed reunion.

Here are a few highlights:

Four generations of Kelley's beginning with this amazing woman.

Laughter and conversation.

Fishing from the ponds.

Proudly catching really big fish!

Discovering life through a child's eyes.

Rompin' around nature's playground.

Games, games, and more games (the Kelley's love games!)

God-made and man-made beauty.

Perfect summer weather.

Getting away with things that Mommy would never allow at home.

One woman and six daughters.

And the lovely family that God has blessed them with.

It was such a special treat to be together sharing stories, food (this family can cook!), encouragement, laughter (if you know the Kelley sisters, you know what I'm talking about), memories, and hugs.

Thank you, Becky and Roger, for hosting us all.

Thank you, God, for this delightful family.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Practically Green Vlog: Ecostore USA CONTEST

What you NEED to know about the Ecostore USA CONTEST:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

No matter what people tell you, nothing prepares you for the wonders of parenthood.

And though I could spend hours and hours publishing post after post filled with words after words describing how delightful parenting is, one area of parenting that deserves special attention is the delight that comes from watching your spouse parent.

I have the blessing, honor, and privilege of sharing my role as parent with my husband, Matt.

To know him as my husband is so much more than I deserve, and to know him as my son's father simply fills my heart to overflowing.

I could spend the rest of my life simply watching these two boys interact. Their relationship brings me such joy and peace.

Thank you, thank you, thank you God for blessing me with the perfect husband for me and the perfect father for my son.

This "Father's Day" post would not be complete without mentioning that we are extremely blessed by our extended families. Our parents have shown us how to be parents, and we owe them so much. More specifically, Matt and I each have fathers who adore us and love our son unconditionally. They have embraced grandfatherhood effortlessly and beautifully. We cannot wait to welcome another baby into the mix for them to love on.

Happy Father's Day.

*I realize that Father's Day is not until Sunday, but because we will be happily spending the weekend with our fathers, I wanted to get this post published before the joyful weekend came and went.