Friday, May 29, 2009

To Grandmother's house we go

If you were at our wedding or if you have seen the photos, you know that we were married among one of the most amazing landscapes, my in-laws 400-acre farm.

Though not a working farm, it once was the homestead belonging to my husband's great-great grandfather. It is an amazing gem tucked in the hills of southeastern Ohio.

To be married there was beyond beautiful. And now to watch my son romp and roll and play there is pure bliss.

It's a sure bet that my son will one day be begging to go to Grandma & Grandpa's house, and I have a feeling he'll go into major tantrum mode whenever it's time to leave.

It's like a scene out of a fairy tale, dontcha think?


  1. a.) You look stunning in your wedding dress.

    b.) I am SO excited about you helping with the zoo party. You rock my world.

    c.) Henry is smashingly cute as always.

    4.) :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Yup, I sure do. :)

    I just checked out your wedding photos. Such fun. Thanks for providing the link. Really wonderful to see a bit more about your history.

    I couldn't agree more that seeing your son play in the spot where you were married is a wonderful gift.


  3. Your son is a fairy tale picture. Beautiful photos.

  4. Thanks for making my day with picture #1. I love that sassy kid!!! :)

  5. Henry it is so fun watching you explore...can't wait to see who you will explore with soon. Will it be a boy or a girl I know you'll be a loving BIG brother xoxo Jackie