Friday, April 10, 2009

A boy's favorite place on earth:


Regardless of the weather, this lil' fella LOVES to be outdoors. He truly is his happiest when he is among the elements.

And thanks, Oma & Opa (aka: The Easter Bunny) for the sandbox.


  1. I love the sand box and I am secretly hoping the easter bunny brings 1 to Ava. Henry, I guess you and Ava got a little of the "Sticks" in you cause she loves to go outside also:) Happy Easter xoxoxo

  2. Henry is so sweet! Love the turtle, had one when I was little and now Jimmy has one too. We have yet to fill it up with sand, but the Easter Bunny did bring him some sand it won't be long =)

  3. If it's even possible, he gets cuter every time! Love the pictures!