Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An August Surprise

Four weeks ago, my husband, my mom, and I piled into my obstetrician's tiny office to learn the sex of my unborn child. For anyone who has experienced the revelations of a 20-week ultrasound, you know how special this ultrasound is. Not only might you learn the sex of the baby, but the o.b. thoroughly examines the many other vital organs and components of your nearly one-pound child.

Fortunately, my 20-week ultrasound confirmed that my baby appeared healthy. Unfortunately, my baby's sex could not be confirmed. Because of the baby's position, the o.b. could not get a good look at the baby's anatomy. My o.b. stated that there was something possibly indicating a boy, but it could also have been a toe.

So this past Monday (four weeks after my 20-week ultrasound), my husband and I scooted back into my o.b.'s office with the hopes of finally seeing the baby's bits. And whatdya know? Baby was still hiding! Heck, I'll take modesty when my little one is 15-yrs-old, but now? Now I want this tiny creature to show us its stuff!

And adding to the unknown, this time my o.b. indicated that it might be a girl. Again, the "shot" was skewed, but based on what appeared to be lacking, doc said, "maybe a girl."

I couldn't help but laugh. I must be honest. I was prepared for a boy confirmation. In the past few months, I have repeatedly said, "it'd be a lot cheaper to have a boy; I already have all the stuff," and, "I wouldn't even know what to do with a girl," and, "where would I put a girl in this tiny two-bedroom condo?" So to hear that it very well might be a girl, well, I needed to digest that.

But how soon I was forgetting that sex determination is merely secondary to my baby's health. Of course I'd like to satisfy my desire to plan and prepare. Even the most laid back moms experience some degree of nesting in those final weeks of pregnancy. But as we were walking out of the doc's office, my husband stopped me to give me the most genuine hug, and he told me, "I love you." I think he figured that I would be disappointed and in need of consoling. My pregnancy hormones have been unpredictable and chaotic. To think I might have one of my pregnancy fits wasn't too far of a stretch.

But his earnest hug and kind words gave me such a sense of calm and peace. I was overcome with emotion that my baby is healthy and growing. Does it really matter "what" I am having? If you had asked me only a few days ago, I would have told you ABSOLUTELY - I need to know! But now, I am beyond thrilled to experience an amazing surprise come mid-August.

And strangely, the not-knowing has allowed me to completely relax. Because this is my second child, I have all the baby necessities. And if it's a boy, well, he'll have plenty of fantastic hand-me-downs. And if it's a girl, well, something tells me she won't leave the hospital naked.

I am forever grateful to my good Lord for blessing me with another wonderful pregnancy. I'm now in week 25, and it has been a beautiful experience. Though I often joke about my looming big, fat, pregnant summer, I am so thankful to be carrying a healthy baby, and I look forward to meeting this miracle in a few short months.


  1. This is beautiful, Ali. There are few things more incredible than having a baby coming out of you and THEN finding out the sex. Seriously.

    I'm hoping for a girl, but I want Henry to have a brother, so either way. :)

    Love you!

  2. Beautiful post and oh, so true! Praising God with your for your healthly pregnancy and healthy baby! August will soon be here!

  3. Maybe HER name should be August???

  4. Beautiful pregnant momma. IT IS SO WORTH THE WAIT!!! I can't tell you how wonderful it was to hear Dave say the words, "ITS A BOY". After laboring to deliver those sweet words and holding my healhty precious baby was so worth the wait. I am secretly so glad you are going to have to wait!!! This being a mom this is pretty dang spectacular! Praying that you feel healhty rested and beautiful!

  5. How exciting. In some ways, I want to wait to know the sex with our next child, but I have a feeling that I won't be able to wait that long. God bless you as you wait.

  6. Such an absolutely lovely post, Ali. I loved the transformation your thinking has undergone regarding your pregnancy. I think as expectant mothers, we are always so curious to know whether our little one will be a boy or a girl. However, in the end, what really matters is that the baby (and the Mama) are healthy and happy.

    I am thrilled that you will be welcoming another little one into your family later this year. Congratulations!


  7. Kim- what a sweet idea. I think I'll call him/her baby August until he/she arrives and then we'll make a final decision on name. But August is sweet, isn't it?

  8. That's awesome! Both the healthy and having to wait. It is exciting when you don't know. I didn't find out with either of mine until delivery day. Although, my doc was so used to everyone knowing it was several seconds after the little guy was out that anyone said anything. I actually had to ask. I reminded her of this during delivery of #2 so she was sure to scream (and I do mean scream) "IT'S A BOY!" Congrats and I can't wait to hear who shows up. Being the mom of 2 boys that are so close in age and are having tons of fun now...I'm going to hope for a boy for you. You can always have a girl the next time. ;)

  9. I had no idea, what a surprise! hope we both go two weeks early and have healthy happy deliveries. oh and short and sweet delivery!

    love, jackie

  10. Y'know, I was so unnerved not knowing what the gender of my youngest was, I went to one of those places that does the 3D ultrasound for "fun" - drank a bunch of sugary orange juice ahead of time to get the little miss moving and sho nuff - ALL GIRL. (I don't do surprises well).

  11. i bet she is a girl because she is so modest! How sweet. I can't wait to meet baby.

  12. It's great to know you're carrying a healthy baby. That's the name of the game. I remember thinking my second child would be another boy and wouldn't that be convenient... and then I passed a glass case in the hospital on the way to delivery with little dresses in it and I thought, "Shucks, it would be so fun to have a girl!" Well, I had my girl, but she grew up a tomboy wearing jeans and tee shirts all the times. Hey, you get who you get and you thank your lucky stars that they're healthy. And I couldn't have been better blessed.