Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Practically Green Vlog: ReJAVAnate

*Vlog and GIVEAWAY!
*Winner: Jen of Bookworm on a Mission. Congrats!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This smiling leprechaun suggests that you go green on this blessed holiday!

What you NEED to know about ReJAVAnate:
  • Produces reusable shopping bags using burlap from coffee
  • Partner with The Arc - providing jobs for individuals with disabilities
  • Handmade bags, Domestically made
  • Strong, sturdy, biodegradable bags
  • Making a difference one bag at a time!
Enter to win a bag from ReJAVAnate (There are three ways to enter. You may not enter more than three times):
  • The first way to enter this contest is to visit ReJAVAnate.com and their sister store, BuyGreen.com. Come back here, and leave a comment telling me which of BuyGreen's products is your favorite.
  • The second way to enter this contest is to tweet about it. After sending your tweet, leave a comment letting me know that you used twitter to spread the word.
  • Lastly, you can enter this contest by blogging about ReJAVAnate. Check out their website, and use your blog platform to raise awareness about this awesome company. Make sure to leave a comment linking me to your blog post.
  • Contest ends on Friday, March 20th at noon (EST). 
And thank you, ReJAVAnate


  1. anyone who know me knows that I am obsessed with handbags!!!!

    I found a new one to love over at BuyGreen.com...have you seen this bag? English Retreads Lined Bags and Purses

    It is too cute!!

  2. I love those bags! Such a great idea. I went to their site and I am partial to the Large Growers Logo one... very cool.

    Thanks, Ali!

  3. non-smelly white board markers and they are refillable - BuyGreen may be my new favorite place to shop! Please enter me! I will tweet it too @myinnerbitsy

  4. Hmmm, I like a lot of the things actually...hard to pick just one...I love the sweater monkey's they are precious! although, I like also the magazine holder and the recycling bins, I'd love to get some so I can be better about recycling.

  5. you are so cute!!
    I love the sea glass necklace...I'll trade you my slanket. oh, it doesn't work that way...
    Love ya!!

    Cool products! very, very fun place to shop!!

  6. I like the large bags on ReJAVAnate's website. They'd be good to add to my growing collection of bags to take to the grocery store! Fun "contest" Ali!