Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Practically Green Vlog: Breathe

There will be no Practically Green Vlog today.

Instead, I breathe. And you should too.


  1. Are you feeling okay? I know how tired you are and quite frankly, I didn't know how you found the time to blog everyday. I was impressed and jealous cause I can't seem to manage my time well enough to get it all done. I'm reminded daily about how human I really am. You need to take the time to just breathe. You are in a very important phase in life where #1 you need to be healthy for the one that's growing in your belly and #2 you need to be able to teach your one year old the value of rest. What better way to do that than by example? Don't get me wrong...I miss it when you don't blog. I check it daily for a little humor and pick me up. One more thing...I was surprised that a green composting treehouse such as yourself would even find out the sex of the baby. What's that all about???? Can't stand the suspense? We didn't find out for either of ours. I wanted to drive my family crazy and it worked!!

  2. Saw your comment on Thuy’s post at Organize with Sandy last week. Thought it would be fun to stop by and check out your blog again. Remember the good old days? I’d stop by your blog and comment, you’d stop by mine and comment. It was fun.

    I think you even offered to come by my house, cook dinner, and watch my kids. No? Is that memory a little fuzzy for you?

    It’s OK. I’ll get over it. Let’s just promise never to lose touch again.


    PS: That birthday party looked amazing. Can't wait to see more pictures.