Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Practically Green Vlog: Reusable Shopping Bags

My apologies for the quality of this video. I first converted the video to a higher quality format, but the file was too big for vimeo. In order for it to upload, I had to use a lower quality format.

Also, you will notice that halfway through the video, my voice becomes quite soft. I was trying to balance out the volume (I used both my iSight camera and my handheld video camera for this vlog). Not only that, but my son had just gone down for a nap, so I was trying to be quiet. I sound like I'm trying to be sexy, but that wasn't what I was trying to do at all. Then again, going green is very sexy, so it all works out, don't ya think?


  1. Ali - I agree! I always have reusable bags in my car, at the office, right at the front door so I remember to take them, etc. It's SO easy, and they have shoulder handles, so in NYC, they are so much more convenient to carry!

  2. I just recently bought my first reusable bag. I was at aldi's and was re-using my millions of plastic bags I had and got a huge one for 2 bucks...I will have to post a picture of it sometime. Then recently, I bought one at Giant Eagle. I am actually going to start buying one every other trip to the grocery. I am loving using them and knowing I am being a little green. It does kind of make you feel special and "good" when you walk out of the store with those!

    I love that little foldable one you can put in your purse...do you know if Target still has them?

  3. I know some of the supermarkets here in the Bronx give you $0.01 off your bill for each plastic bag you have & $0.02 for each reusable bag.

  4. I found this to be a perfect use of online video: informative & inspiring, clear to follow, actionable. It's not every day that video on the Internet changes the way I do things, but I can tell that this one did. Looking forward to that first reusable bag (I saw them there in the checkout lines, but yet I didn't). Thanks!

  5. that target bag is awesome! i want one! i bought osu reusable bags from kroger last time i was out in ohio. i keep them in the car, but i NEVER remember to bring them in the store! so i have an entire closet drawer FULL of plastic bags at home that i keep to reuse in a plethora of different ways. any suggestions on how to remember to use your reusable bags for us idiots (or just for me)?
    by the way, great job on the vlog. you are awesome.