Thursday, February 12, 2009

Join me on Thursdays.

Next week join me in gettin' all feisty and swappin' a few oh-no-he-didn't stories. 

No, we won't be man-bashing (but trust me, I have a friend who is going through something that totally warrants castrating all married men who have ever even looked at another woman "that way." Hey, if us ladies have to suffer because Eve ate the apple (Genesis 3:16), then the men should have to suffer because of this guy's repulsive behavior, but I digress). 

Actually, we will be baby bashing. Okay, that sounds horrible. Let me rephrase. We will be telling our stories of non-maternal instinct, and I would love for you all to join along. My dear friend, Mister Linky, will be there to help (please pray that I "learn" Mister Linky), and my ever-so-talented friend, Karla, will be designing a cute button for this meme. 

So start thinking as a blogger thinks, "if I let him eat the dog food, that would make for a really great post." But I guarantee you won't have to create opportunities for releasing your non-maternal soul; let's face it, those opportunities creep up no matter where we turn (even when I pretend that he didn't just shove a fistful of kibbles down his throat, it later reemerges as a foul-colored, speckled substance clogging up his diaper). 

Don't hesitate to check this out if you need more information about this meme. 

Praying that you survive another week of motherhood.

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  1. Oh sweet H boy, please do me a favor and don't rub off on Parker...I don't need his diaper filled with cat food! If I find out to two conspired at church about this, I may cry!

    P.S. Dang eve and the fruit - what is with us women and our listening skills. And I agree...sounds like said man might need castrated, though I don't know the story. But I am backing you up!